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Christmas, Santa, Cute Latino...Yeah, Talk Dirty To Me

This young adult novel set during Christmas, follows Francie (Frankincense, that is) on a mission to correct a rumor about her terrible kissing skills. It was her first kiss, give her a break. She wasn't even planning on kissing that boy two years ago, but it happened and it was awful. As if high school rumors aren't enough to contend with, Francie has Auntie Scrooge (Aunt Carole) in town and she's bent on ruining everything that Francie's grandpa had built at their family holiday store.

Will new kid Hector Ramirez be the weapon Francie needs to kill those tongue-thrusting rumors?

Will Francie stop her aunt from destroying the family Christmas business with commercialism?

My Five Nods for Talk Santa to Me by Linda Urban

  1. New kid love interest trope (not to mention he's a jock that doesn't act like his jerk teammates).

  2. Christmas theme overload - never too much of a thing.

  3. A best friends that doesn't let Francie succumb to doubt.

  4. A close-knit family, except for that meddling Aunt Carole of course.

  5. About that Aunt Carole, the tension in the relationship between her and Francie was the most compelling part of the story for me. Maybe I'm spoiled but I don't have any aunt or uncle that would act like that with me. Aunt Carole frustrated me so much and that kept me turning the pages.

A sweet book to cozy up to this holiday season. Click the picture for a link to

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