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A Holiday Switch Turned On

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo flipped a switch in me. In honor of the 2022 FIFA games I'll say it this way, I had hung up my cleats on blogging a few years back. But when I read this sweet, angsty enemies to lovers gem, it inspired me to lace them back up.

Okay, enough with the puns—maybe. Back when I tried to blog regularly, my blog was all over the place but the one topic that excited me to write about the most were reviews on books, movies, and TV shows. I enjoyed it so much that a couple of jobs ago I had a column in the employee newsletter dedicated to my reviews called Five Nods, hence the terrible name of this blog.

One last quick note before I get into my review of this candy cane of a book: my reviews will only be positive ones. I want this space to house my sources of inspiration so that they may serve as an inspiration to you too.

Bring on the Christmas Magic

Lila Santos follows the rules, does things according to plan, and knows everything there is to know about Holiday by the Lake, a Hallmark-style movie that was filmed in her Christmas-obsessed hometown. The thing is, there's one rule Lila has not been following: her parents' no internet rule. She's been moonlighting as an anonymous book blogger while chasing a dream of getting into medical school—who's dream is it, really?

Her perfectly categorized and compartmentalized plans come to a screeching halt when Teddy Rivera, Lila's boss's ultra cute nephew, becomes her new coworker. Suddenly she has to contend with a rule breaker, off-the-cuff style boy who couldn't care less about Holiday by the Lake, the very film that Holly, New York bases its entire identity on.

Will Lila be able to handle training this unruly grinch and keep the job she so desperately needs? What will happen when her double life of perfect student with doctoral aspirations and holiday book blogger come to a head? Will a snowstorm that traps Lila and her nemesis together finally bring these two together?

My Five Nods for The Holiday Switch by Tif Marcelo

  1. Enemies to Lovers - one of my absolute favorite tropes, and this one came with an added bonus of slow-burn romance once a truce between Lila and Teddy is made.

  2. A Christmas story loaded with Christmas traditions, old and new.

  3. The MC is an aspiring writer, though at first she doesn't realize her talents are more than a hobby.

  4. This story centers Filipino characters - I love reading books centering characters of color.

  5. Short - At 261 pages for the paperback, you'll have plenty of time to read this before the holiday season is over.

Enjoy! You can click the pic below to order from

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