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One Day in December, Or Every December

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Here's a book I revisit every December since I first read it. Imagine not believing in love at first sight but then one random December day you are tired, desperate for the bus to get your cold ass home and you spot them. The one. There's no such thing until your eyes connect with theirs and the universe delivers a message telling you that you are fated for that fellow commuter shivering at an opposite bus stop. What else is there to do besides embark on a year long search mission to find them?

That's the journey Laurie goes on. And she's all ready to give up on her fruitless search when her best friend shows up to her party with none other than mystery-fellow-commuter on her arm. WTF, right?

Read this book if you want to cringe your way through Laurie's missteps, missed opportunities, angst, and heartbreak.

My Five Nods for One Day in December by Josie Silver

  1. Second Chance Romance - I am a fan of tropes, romance tropes in particular. What's different about this one is that the first "chance" wasn't really a chance, but more of a "what if?"

  2. Love Triangle - Do I need to remind you that I love romance tropes? Well, if you loved the movie Something Borrowed, you will love One Day in December.

  3. The heroine is hilarious - from the first page you fall for her sense of humor and voice.

  4. It's Christmas in London - if you don't already know about my obsession with England, you'll be well informed of that fact as you continue to peruse my blog.

  5. Dual POV - indulge in the story from the points of view of Laurie AND love interest Jack. It adds to the suspense and frustration because you just want to bash those two knuckleheads together.

I hope you enjoy it! Purchase it wherever you like; pic below is a link to

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